Country at Coachella vs. Festival Fairy








In a couple of weeks, the biggest music festival of the year is taking place: Coachella! Whether you’ve going to the event to rock out to bands like Arcade Fire and Foster the People or stay at home listening to countless albums wishing you were there, (which is what I’m going to end up doing), you’re probably going to be wearing some cute Boho Chic outfit similar to what you saw Vannessa Hudgens or Alexa Chung wear last year! Two of my favorite Boho styles for this event are polar opposites: Country at Coachella and the Festival Fairy.

Country at Coachella is an edgier look: it has a gothic southern vibe for girls who love to make a statement in black. I love pairing lace tights with a high low skirt for a romantic look that is still rough around the edges! To tie the whole look together, I paired the lace tights with a lace top and a felt, cowboy-esque hat!

Festival Fairy is softer: it has a hippie vibe for girls who like the girly, retro vibe. I paired a chiffon top with a chiffon maxi skirt to make the two pieces look like a dress. The flower crown is fit for any Boho Beauty going for a more timeless Coachella look!

These looks can be worn throughout the spring season, not just at Coachella! I challenge you to go in your closet and just play dress up this April because the best festival fashion comes from playing around with your day to day style! Happy Saturday!

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Forward thinker with a Vintage Soul. Editor and traveller with a love affair with words and whimsical wardrobes. Follow me on my journey to amazing sights through the lens of personal style.

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