The Easter Egg




Well not quite yet, but it’s coming up in exactly a week, so excited!

My outfit is inspired by the Easter Eggs in the basket I’m holding! I love my vibrant green collar shirt with my rainbow accessories (the necklace and wedges) because it embodies the cheerfulness that comes from Easter! My favorite accessory is my smile by far, which is sporting some pretty bright pink lipstick! However, I had to pull the look together with my black skirt (which is actually a dress that I tucked in to look like a skirt, shhh).

Anyway, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can definitely play with colors this spring the way I did! Take a chance with your wardrobe and use all the color you possibly can! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday and have an amazing Palm Sunday/Easter if you celebrate!

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Forward thinker with a Vintage Soul. Editor and traveller with a love affair with words and whimsical wardrobes. Follow me on my journey to amazing sights through the lens of personal style.

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