Life’s a Beach!





Going to the beach with friends over spring break is a must! It’s so fun to just take a day to soak up the sun, chase waves, and snap some cute beach pictures! My beautiful friend, Rachel and I had quite the photoshoot by the ocean yesterday! We took many candids and made some pinterest-esque beach poses!
Naturally (as you know from my other blog posts) I find a lot of joy in “dressing for the occasion!” I went for a nautical look by pairing a long sleeve, navy and white striped shirt with my denim circle skirt! To add some extra flair, I topped the look with some red hot, heart shaped sunglasses and lipstick!
Rachel also joined in on the fun with her beachy chic outfit! She put together a charcoal colored tank top, adorable dark washed ripped jeans (which she cuffed at the ankles, oh so cute!), and her dark blue knit sweater which she tied at the waist. Her naturally wavy hair with a deep side part and dainty gold jewlery added a perfect, extra touch!
If you love the beach, friends, and this post, make sure to follow my blog! Hope you’re enjoying spring as much as I am!

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