Once Upon a Prom


Once upon a time, in a not so faraway land, there was a castle called high school in the kingdom of life.

Each year, this castle had a ball called prom, where all its subjects would come for one night in lavish gowns and manly tuxes to dance the night away….

This all sounds like a fairytale, right? I’ll tell you what’s not: finding the perfect gown and the perfect accessories to go along with it; and then there’s the hair and makeup to worry about! I’m sure while all us girls can agree that shopping for prom is fun, it can also be stressful. Here’s a little prom inspiration to help make your junior or senior prom night into your fairytale fantasy!

In this shoot, I am wearing a metallic, silvery gold evening gown from Calvin Klein! I love this gown because it is very simple yet chic! There is subtle detailing in the fabric that allows the person to wear the dress, rather than allowing the dress wear the person. The lower cut top of the dress with the beaded/braided straps draws attention to the top of the dress, accentuating the neckline. I also love how the dress gathers from the side of the waist and flairs out a little at the bottom which is super flattering!

Although the dress is long, it rises a little at the ankle which means: you can show off your shoes! I opted from some sequined peeptoes that have an adorable satin bow finish above the peep! For the rest of the accessories, I decided to keep the neck bare to elongate it, but wore statement earrings to bring some more glam to the look. I love these earrings because they are a cross between the hoop and the teardrop. The rhinestones are my favorite part because, who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

I decided that bigger was better with my hair! Curls were key for this bombshell/glamorous look! For makeup, I kept the eyes simple with some winged liner, but decided to make a statement with some dark lips! Dark lips are one of my favorite makeup trends of every season!

I hope this helped you get some promspiration! And (I know this may sound cheesy, but aligning with the whole fairytale theme), I hope you have a happily ever after on your big night! And if you love prom, dresses, and this post make sure to follow this blog!

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