April Showers Bring May Flowers!





After we experience the summer tease that is spring break, the weather begins to act like a roller coaster: sometimes it’s super sunny, sometimes rain pours…but that doesn’t mean that style has to suffer! You can still look fashion forward on rainy days too!
Here i’m wearing a bright salmon colored blazer that stays true to the colors of spring flowers while
still keeping warm! Since the blazer is loud, I chose a polka dotted black and white skirt that is muted in color, but not in pattern! I also tucked in a romper with smaller polka dots for a little pattern play! To keep extra warm, I am wearing my black leather riding boots! Don’t forget a cute, patterned umbrella in the same colored wheel! What fun is spring rain without an adorable umbrella?
If you enjoyed this post, please follow the blog for more trends! Remember to stay chic and warm in this cooler weather!

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