What I wore to Senior Ball (PROM)!

To sum it up: Senior Ball was one of the most fun and memorable moments of my Senior Year! I got to go with my amazing friends and an awesome date!
The night was full of pinterest worthy photos (including a cinderella inspired one that is my absolute favorite!), dancing, funny moments, kareoke, crepes, and much much more!
Not only was everything perfect, but my dress made me feel like a princess! I loved my strapless black, not your typical mermaid style gown! I loved how the mermaid part gathered in many places and was secured with sequined flowers because it reminds me of the bottom of Belle’s (aka my favorite Disney Princess) dress from Beauty and the Beast! I also was in love with the top half of my dress because it was so flattering. It was super tight which enhanced my curves and had a little extra sequins on top to add some exra sparkle!
Since there were so many little details in the dress, I kept my neck bare, but wore some long silver diamond looking earrings! I also wore gorgeous silver rhinestone shoes to tie the whole look together! My corsage was also a favorite accessory of mine (shout out to my awesome date)!
I played my own fairy godmother by doing my own hair and makeup! I kept my hair simple with wavy curls that I achieved using a regular curling iron (without using the clamp)! I kept the eyeshadow simple with a metallic silver and a tad bit of black so that I could wing out my eyeliner and wear fake lashes! Lastly, I couldn’t resist wearing some bright redipstick to match my corsage!
I hope everyone enjoyed prom/ball as much as I did! Xoxo










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