Pretty in Punk!



Happy friday everyone! Today I decided to channel my inner rock star not only by performing a Journey song at my school’s talent show but in how I dressed as well! In order to coordinate with the retro vibe of my performance, I opted for big hair, bold lips, and rockin’ kicks! Black was the theme of this outfit! I found a black tank top in my closet and layered two necklaces on top to dress it up! I also paired the top with ripped jeans shorts and wedge sneakers for some extra retro flair! Lastly, my plum color lipstick from #MAC and big hair tied the look together! You can achieve this hairstyle by french braiding wet hair before you go to bed!
I hope you guys had an awesome day like I did! Performing was super fun, especially in such a bold outfit!

Published by Keeping it Krischic

Forward thinker with a Vintage Soul. Editor and traveller with a love affair with words and whimsical wardrobes. Follow me on my journey to amazing sights through the lens of personal style.

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