How Will You Be Remembered?



Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, things got a little hectic because of graduation! Well anyway, here is the outfit I wore on the last day of my high school career; a very surreal day indeed! I hardly remember what I wore the first day of high school, probably because I was a freshman and didn’t particularly care for fashion the way I do now. However, I’ll always remember what I wore the last day because the outfit is a symbol of who I was in high school: a girl who was put together, but didn’t forget to enjoy herself and the people around her!
I went for a nineties inspired look: high waisted jeans from #forever21 and a crop top also from #forever21! I paired the look with a plaid shirt tied around my waist (who doesn’t love a good ol’ plaid shirt?). The navy stripe in the shirt compliments the navy crop top perfectly, pulling the entire look together! Adding this extra piece to a simple outfit doesn’t only amp it up, but defines your hips, accentuating an hourglass body shape (or creating one!) I wore red lipgloss from #mac and some white loafers to complete the outfit!
I hope you had an amazing last day of school like I did! Remember that although first impressions are important, the last ones are the ones that leave your legacy, whether in what you wear, or how you act!
Look forward to some awesome summer looks coming your way on my blog!
God bless!!!!

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