Independence Day Outfit!


Since Independence day is in a couple days you’re probably planning a last minute trip to the mall for that perfect Red, White and Blue outfit! What if I told you that you can look just as chic in our nation’s colors by piecing together items you already have in your closet?
This outfit is made of clothing items that I found in random drawers and the back of my closet!
I went for a modern take on a fifties look! I have on an acid wash, studded denim vest from forever21, a red tank top from Hollister, and some white eyelet shorts from Kohls! To add some cute detailing to a plain outfit, I tied a silk floral scarf on my head, added some red heart shaped sunglasses, and bow tip flats!
I hope this look sparked some inspiration for your very own fourth of July outfit! God bless America!

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