Color Play!


There is no season for color better than summer! Bright hues look great against sun kissed skin at any beach, fair, or summer music festival!
If you are subscribed to my beauty/fashion channel on youtube, (keepingitkrischic), you may have seen this outfit in my OOTW video (among others, check it out)!
My goal for this outfit was to incorporate as many different colors as possible! My accent color is my hot pink tank top from kohls! For some more color play, I added a braided rainbow necklace from H&M and matched them with my rainbow wedges from TJ Maxx! To tone down the outfit a little bit, a denim overall was super necessary! Oh and let’s not forget my assistant model, my watermelon because who doesn’t love a yummy summer treat?
My challenge for you all this week is to color block like crazy, especially if you are super partial to black and white like me! Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to live life on the chic side!

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