Disneyland Oufits!

What better way to celebrate becoming an adult than acting like a total kid in Disneyland? For my eighteenth birthday, my family and I took a vacation to the happiest place on earth–literally! The only thing that could make me happier than being in Disneyland was to show off some Disney spirit in style!
Here, I have three outfits from three days spent in the Magic Kingdom:

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Outfit 1: For the Cute yet Comfy Girl


This outfit was worn on my birthday! This look is for someone who wants to remain comfortable, but still look cute! I mean seriously, when you’re waiting in lines all day at the park, you may want to make comfort a priority! However, you may still feel inclined to look uber chic when taking pictures with characters or posing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle like I am here!
Grey Tank: Forever 21
Pink Tank: Kohls
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Minnie Ears: World of Disney Store

Outfit 2: For the Girly Girl


Yes, I know…I risked discomfort for the sake of fashion! Taking inspiration from Minnie Mouse, I went for a decked out polka dot look! I love playing with proportions, especially the pattern play of small polka dots with bigger ones! And let’s not forget a bright red lip and original Minnie Ears to really brighten up the outfit!
romper: H&M
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Target
minnie ears: World of Disney Store

 Outfit 3: For the Mickey Lover


Not going to lie, Mickey is my pal for life! How could I not go to Disneyland without taking a twin picture with him? Clearly he was just as excited as I was since he decided to coordinate his pose with mine! This outfit was not only super cute and approved by Mickey Mouse, but it was EXTREMELY comfortable! Overalls are a wonderful way of looking retro and structured while you literally feel like you’re wearing pajamas!
Overalls: Forever 21
Black Tank: Target
Shoes: Target
Ears: World of Disney Store

I hope this inspired you to play around with cutting edge looks while your on your next Disney Parks vacation! Make sure to follow for some awesome posts coming your way on my blog! And always remember to live life on the chic side!

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