Bohemian Paradise


Hey everyone, I know I haven’t posted in over a month, but I am back!
I wore this lovely, laid back outfit to my sorority’s retreat and absolutely loved it! I figured that in general, people in college try to walk on the fine line between cute and insanely comfy, and this outfit is perfect for that!
My gorgeous blue and floral dress from H&M is both effortless and cool! The pattern fools the eye into thinking you’ve put a lot of effort into your outfit without really trying!
To add some more interest, I threw on a flowly, crochet cardigan from Brandy Melville! The cardigan adds some contrasting texture, but is subtle enough to not make the whole outfit too busy!
I kept it simple on the bottom with some black sandals because a lot of pattern play was already taking place!
I hope this look gave you some outfit inspo and brightened your day! More chic looks will be coming your way!

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