Shine Bright

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not everyone can always have diamonds. Since sequins and rhinestones are the next best thing, why not go all out with both elements in your outfit?


I am not a big sequins person in general—in fact I can normally be seen wearing blacks and pastels, but when I do wear sequins, I like to really make a fashion statement.


I decided to engage in some texture play with a silver sequined crop top paired with a bejeweled skirt. I love how the busy top is balanced out with a solid navy pencil skirt that has purposefully placed rhinestones on it. In order to keep the attention on the already busy outfit, I decided to steer clear of any jewelry besides some subtle statement studs. For shoes, pointy grey pumps were my go to. I love how they are such a simple pair of shoes, but the two darker grey on the point adds some extra definition.


Don’t be afraid to play with two eye-catching details in an outfit. With the right color palette, a sequined crop top and a rhinestone skirt can marry well together.

Keeping it Krischic,


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