Attire as Art

I cannot put my finger on what it is about art that is so captivating. Maybe it’s the way an array of emotions can be captured in a single painting or sculpture. Or maybe it’s the way the same piece of art can mean different things to different people, of various time periods, races, and walks of life. Art captures the human spirit and says what words cannot say. Speaking as a writer and journalist, it takes a lot for me to admit that sometimes words aren’t sufficient.


When I took a trip to LACMA with my roommate the other day, I discovered art from all parts of the globe. I cannot say that all the art resonated with me, but there were some pieces that did stand out. Some of my personal favorites were “Into the Woods at Giverny” by Claude Monet as well as pretty much everything in the Allure of Venice” section.

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However, here’s the secret to this post: it isn’t about the art at LACMA, although that was my intent of the visit. Everything I said about art previously applies to clothing; the dress I am wearing in these photos in particular is from a thrift store. Therefore, it has had a past life. It is the same dress that has been worn by a different person. I have no idea who this person was, where they came from, or at what time in their life they wore it. However, this dress meant something to that person. It carries memories for them and preserves whatever they were feeling at the time. The dress fit the person in its own unique way and communicated attributes of that person that words about them could never express. Now, the dress has fallen into my hands and carries a whole different meaning, a new fit, new memories.

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The dress is art. Fashion is art.

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For some, clothing is something you just throw on, and that is fine too. For me personally, every clothing item I own is a piece in my personal gallery. It may not be as notorious as LACMA, but it is a gallery all the same—one of sentimental value.

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I hope you cherish your gallery as well and hold tight to the memories you make in your garments.

Keeping it Krischic


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