Vogue in Venice

When people think of Southern California, the first thing that may come to mind is the land of celebrities: Hollywood. If strolling down the walk of fame is not your taste, you may be the person that thinks of the posh and high-class society of Beverly Hills; it has tons of places to shop and delectable places to eat. The fact of the matter is, Southern California is a land of many treasured locations. Among these places is Venice Beach: the place where the boardwalk and colorful urban landscape meet. One of my favorite parts of this location is the array of wall murals. They are fun to admire, and make excellent picture backdrops.


Since my scenery was so colorful, I thought I’d go for a pastel look during my excursion with some friends one weekend. We got some shopping, eating, worship on the beach, and photography done during our adventure. For the photos I wore my pastel pink floral top with some lace shorts of the same color. Pattern mixing is very easy when you stay within the same color palette.


As a final touch, I added some gold accessories to the outfit. I layered my California necklace (have to represent the home state) with a longer owl key necklace. I always joke that it looks like a little barn owl from Harry Potter or something.


Necklaces are not the only gold accessories that go with this look. Flash tattoos are on trend right now, especially since Coachella was not too long ago. A leaf and armband were just the final touches I needed to complete my look.


If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles, make sure to visit Venice. It really is a jewel in the midst of the “golden coin” locations—all of the cities in Southern California are pretty special, but Venice tends to stand out.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

Ps. All photos were taken by my absolutely talented friend, Jenna Aguilera. You can check out her website here

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