Retrobe (Retro Wardrobe)

Here’s something I’ve discovered about my personal sense of style. It is pretty classic, but sometimes I’m willing to get a little gutsy with my look. If that means wearing an outfit that can either be taken as super trendy and unique or be borderline grandma, I’m more than okay with it. Sure I drink lots of tea, read classic novels, and have a thing for all things retro and vintage, but I sure as heck don’t have wrinkles or grey hair. Therefore, it must be the former.

These gutsy wardrobe spurts seem to come about when I am adventuring. One of my favorite summertime activities include taking road trips with my family. Weekends where I can immerse myself in new landscapes surrounded by fresh settings as well as those I love are always desirable. Since I’ve been at Pepperdine, I’ve been away from my parents, brother, and an area that holds a special place in my heart: Northern California.

Growing up my family and I would always drive to Monterey Bay, but it had been a while since my last visit. Nothing was more welcoming than the crisp, cold of the bay followed by the pleasant warmth of delectable clam chowder–Wandering downtown Carmel and Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf to follow.

I had the opportunity to engage in these things once more: grandma garb (or just super trendy?) and all. To pull off this look, I wore a vertical striped blue button down with some navy polka-dot trousers. Since the dots are microscopic, the patterns don’t get too busy, especially when the two hues exist in the same color scheme. To continue the preppy look, I sported a yellow cardigan tied around the shoulders as well as a polka-dot scarf that matched my pants. Lastly, I wore some white not-quite-Birkenstock Birkenstocks to tie everything together.

If you saw some eighteen-year-old girl walking around Monterey looking like she was confused as to what decade she came from, it was probably me. And I am proud. It was a great weekend, and my outfit made me happy.

Keeping it Krischic,


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