Out With the New, In With the Old

Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to shop because it’s a treasure hunt. None of the clothes are ever the same because rather than being mass-produced, they’re handpicked by storeowners, or in other words “chosen.” Before they were displayed in the store, these clothing items were worn by another person—sometimes even from a different period in time. Each piece has its own backstory, and by buying it, you are contributing to its reincarnation, adding to its story.

As a writer, I am head over heels in love with stories—creating, reading, and being the subject of them. While fashion seems more of an aesthetic art than a narrative one, it does tell stories because it becomes the “costume” of the characters. Second-hand clothes hold volumes of narrative, and frankly I want to be apart of that.

Plus, the chances of someone else having the piece you’ve bought from a thrift store are highly unlikely. That means there’s no fear of your female or male counterparts wearing an identical outfit to a special event you are attending. This gorgeous, Betsey Johnson dress I bought from Wasteland in San Francisco could be worn to one of these special events such as a shopping excursion with friends, birthday outing, or on vacation. I love the structured yet undone look of this dress. Rather than hiding the zipper in the back, this dress showcases a zipper in the front of the dress that continues all the way down to the bottom. The satin, light blue fabric mixed with the lime green lace gives the dress a very bright yet delicate vibe.

Although it is a modest dress in terms of length, the piece is actually quite flattering. The empire waistline of the garment does an excellent job accentuating my hourglass figure. In addition, the sweetheart neckline elongates my neck and allows me to wear my bejeweled necklace.

In order to prevent distraction from the dress and necklace, I opted for nude accessories. My floppy hat is fairly simple, but makes a statement because of its size—not to mention the fact that in this June heat, it is one heck of a shield from the sun! Finally, I have on a pair of pointy nude flats. Warning: they are absolutely adorable, but not made for walking.

As another owner of this thrifted item—AKA a contributing editor/subject of its story, I am really happy with it and cannot wait to make some memories in it. Here’s the cool thing about thrifted pieces: If we manage to cross paths while I’m wearing this dress, you too are a subject in the narrative—and if you’re wearing a thrifted item too, I only have one word for you: storyception.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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