Flashback Fashion: Nineties

The phrase “That was so twenty years ago” was so twenty years ago. It has gone out of style because trends from various decades are in once again!

Recently, the nineties have made a comeback, and I for one am all for it! As a nineties kid, I have a claim to a wonderful era of fashion, but never had the fabulous opportunity of trying out any trends past the toddler range; let’s face it, nothing would be more odd than witnessing a three-year-old tripping in a pair of combat boots and swimming in grungy fabric. As an eighteen-year-old on the other hand, I can finally channel my inner DJ Tanner (Full House) or Lisa Turtle (Saved By the Bell).

The first step to taking inspiration from a certain decade: decide what kind of look you’re going for! Throughout a year alone, many trends come and go. When actually putting things into perspective, there is not one set style from a certain decade—there’s ten years of trends at your disposal! Therefore, numerous looks could be considered “nineties” appropriate. Today, I decided to recreate the “I just came from a Nirvanna concert” look or better yet known as, “grunge meets glam!”

In order to achieve this look, I paired rougher pieces with something more delicate. My mid-length, grey dress looks great against my black wedge sneakers. The shoes are bulky, but the wedge creates some height that elongates rather than cuts off the legs. To add more black, I wore another nineties statement piece: a choker. For that final retro touch, dark lipstick was a must!

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. You can expect more throwback looks to come your way on my blog!


Keeping it Krischic,


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