Everyone has their opposite—there’s a night to day, a yin to yang, and a Chereen to Kristin.

Like any opposing forces, my cousin Chereen and I came into the world around the same time—well okay she is ten months older than me (but close enough!). Anyway, from the moment we could talk, the two of us realized how different we were. Chereen’s hair is curly, mine is straight; She is edgy, I’m girly; and she’s on one path of life while I’m on the other.

Our opposite personalities are displayed through our makeup and clothing choices. Since Chereen has an edgier personality, she’s wearing a black dress that has some ruffle detailing on the bottom; She also has on some striking winged (and black) eyeliner.

To complement the heavy eye makeup, Chereen is wearing a nude lip gloss which stays true to her usual makeup look. Chereen typically sticks to minimal makeup on a daily basis, and in my opinion she’s so beautiful that she really does not need much.

I on the other hand, am wearing something on the other end of the spectrum: a two-piece white number. The layered lace on the bottom showcases my style crush on the Victorian Era. To match, I’m wearing some white winged eyeliner and hot pink lipstick to add some color.

Despite our differences, we balance each other out. From diapers and the awkward stage, to life milestones and boys, our relationship has existed through all seasons of life.

Long story short, we grew up together, played together, fought together, and enjoyed the little things in life together. We will continue to do many more things together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

Makeup done by my talented cousin, Chantel check out her website here

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