Fashion and Festivities: Why Turning Nineteen is Monumental

Birthdays: a wonderful time to remember how blessed you are by what you have and those who surround you.

Even more so than thanksgiving, I feel the most grateful on my date of birth. Yesterday, I turned 19 and had the privilege of celebrating with my family, some insanely delicious Italian food, and a delectable Chocolate Mousse cake. To dinner, I wore this vibrant, orange dress with some ruffle and button detailing. I love the thick material of this piece and how it looks against my dark hair. For accents, I wore some gold jewelry and my favorite Burberry bag.

My outfit, in addition to my loved ones, made me feel incredibly special yesterday. Nineteen may seem like such an insignificant year sandwiched in between the monumental eighteen and twenty-one, but to be honest I think nineteen is just as sweet. To demonstrate, I have compiled a list of nineteen things I am looking forward to about, yes: the big one-nine:

  1. Nineteen is my last year of being a teenager. That means I can be both an adult and child at the same time!
  2. The number one and nine are on opposite ends of the number spectrum, which will never happen again.
  3. Someone’s got to write a song about being age nineteen soon, right T-swift?
  4. The cool feeling I’m going to get explaining what it’s like to be eighteen since I was just that age
  5. I will be entering into my second year of college, which means I’ll actually know how to handle it because I have one year already under my belt
  6. I will be embarking on the biggest adventure of my life thus far: studying abroad in England!
  7. In addition to studying abroad in England, I will be exploring other countries while there.
  8. I am taking an Equestrian class, which is going to be interesting seeing that I’ve only been on a horse once in my life!
  9. I have the opportunity to meet new people and get to know people I love already even better.
  10. More fashion trends to try
  11. Another year for me to read some wonderful books
  12. Another year to discover a new musical obsession (I find a new band every year)
  13. New food ventures
  14. There’s something relaxing and wonderful about a birth year that isn’t too fussy.
  15. Another year of life
  16. Another opportunity to make a difference in the world
  17. Another year of memories to reflect back on during my era of retirement WAY in the future
  18. The chance to accomplish something that no one at nineteen has accomplished (still trying to figure that one out)
  19. The confidence that Jesus is going to do some incredible things in my life this year

Remember: each year has something unique about it. Don’t forget to make your new year one to remember; I know I will!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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