Style in the Springs: Palm Springs That Is!

Sometimes, adventures are only a car ride away. California is full of uniquely cool locations to visit, and Palm Springs happens to be one of them!

While Palm Springs is a desert, it is no dry place to visit from an entertainment perspective! Whether tourists escape to this vacation spot to lounge their troubles away at a resort or explore the Promise Land of celebrity houses, there is an ample amount of “Pinteresting” things to do, and they are all Instagram worthy!

On my trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago, I decided to both relax and explore! My family and I began our day with my favorite beverage in the world (besides tea): coffee. Koffi in Palm Springs has the most desert-like caffeine I’ve ever tasted. Pair an Iced Honey Vanilla Latte with an Almond Bear Claw and you’ll have enough sugar and caffeine in your system to power you throughout the one hundred fourteen degree weather of the desert.

Once our sugar levels were as high as the Palm Trees surrounding us, we went sight seeing. The architecture in Palm Springs is absolutely gorgeous. I especially adore the sleek and modern design of the Parker Hotel. The front of the building has stencil like detailing with an orange accent double door entrance fit for any celebrity! The inside features quirky and colorful décor that did not exclude knight’s armor, abstract chandeliers, and colorful tapestries! It was love at first sight.

As a fashion fanatic, I cannot check out the sights without wearing the right outfit for it! To match the bright color palette of Palm Springs’ houses and hotels, I decided to wear what may be the most vibrant item of clothing in my closet: my floral romper skort. I love how this colorful number looks like a dress but provides the comfort of wearing shorts; It sure made walking (and posing for pictures) effortless. Because of how attention grabbing my romper was, I went for toned down accessories. My nude strapped flats with a pointy tip and rhinestone studs were the best way to go. Fashion and function? Yes, Please!

Once the sugar and caffeine wore off it was time for some much needed relaxation. Nothing beat taking a ride on a tube in a lazy pool or sipping virgin Pina Coladas by the pool while reading a book. What made my vacation most enjoyable, however was being with my family. Vacation is not about making your Instagram feed immaculate (although that is a perk), it is about making each moment you count with those you love! Therefore, do not forget to make pictures the preserver of the memories rather than the memories themselves.

Keeping it Krischic,


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