Clothes and Cathedrals: Portland Edition

Cities are a mix of old and new: a contrast of cathedrals and skyscrapers. Portland is no different from this aspect.

While some may consider Portland to be a hipster haven, it is also a place of history, one that includes gothic churches built in the early nineteen hundreds. My friend and I found one of these during our city stroll whilst I was visiting.


The building was a dark charcoal grey with accented red doors. I loved how ornate the doors were, and even wondered what sort of architecture lied beyond them. However the two of us had to settle for what was on the outside, and naturally pictures followed.

For my city attire that day, I decided to go for a more Mediterranean look with an off the shoulder floral top accompanied by a circle jean skirt. I personally love tops like this because they accentuate my neckline and shoulders. Plus they are light and airy for the summer time. The circle skirt also brings some attention to my waistline and hourglass figure. To elongate my legs, I have on my criss-cross strapped sandals.

I hope you enjoyed part three of my Oregon Outfit Series! I have one more coming your way within the next couple days.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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