Kristin in Kensington

The streets of London are like a personified magazine; as I walk the streets of South Kensington, I feel as if I am a part of a British Vogue spread.

The scenery as well as the people of London consistently evoke style inspiration. Specifically in South Kensington, there are streets of white and pristine Victorian houses and posh cafes. The people that fill them can be found in tailored yet effortless clothing. They accessorize with chic footwear, a flat white or early grey, and a good book.
After such a short amount of time, this city has become a part of me–it is me. Among the natives, you’ll find me with a good book and an excellent cup of caffeine as well. I’ll probably be wearing a wool coat, button down, and some trousers like I am here. And you bet your biscuits and tea that I shall explore my surroundings afterwards.
This isn’t to say that they transform my look into something more aesthetically European–it only means that my style evolves; it is still my own, but different. In fact, it may be more true to my personal style.
Stay tuned for some more U.K. Style coming your way soon. My classmates can attest to the fact that I brought 4 suitcases for the entirety of my stay in the U.K., therefore I’ll have plenty of fashionable content for you! Can you expect any less from a committed style seeker? But of course not. I promised you all some fabulous European Lookbooks, and that is exactly what you’ll get.
Keeping it Krischic,
Kristin Vartan

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