Court-Chic: What I Wore To Hampton Court

As a young girl, I always dreamt about being a princess. Didn’t we all? With Disney Princesses and Story Book royalty as our guides, nothing probably suited us as five year olds more than the idea of wearing a gold crown and holding the keys to a kingdom. Therefore, a girl with these dreams may fangirl insanely hardcore when getting to visit palaces in the United Kingdom.  
A couple days ago, I had the opportunity to visit Hampton Court Palace: one of King Henry the VIII’s luxurious abodes–yes I’m talking about the guy that had his wives beheaded. Aside from that gory detail, Hampton Court itself is a dream. It is a palace built of handmade bricks and guarded by intimidating gargoyles. Made in the Tudor fashion, its interior contains rooms adorned with elaborate tapestries, detailed ceilings, and a warm color scheme. Going from London to this preserved Kingdom in East Molesey, UK was like stepping back in time. I was making one of the many palace pilgrimages of a little girl stuck inside a young adult’s body.  

 Ironically enough, my outfit looked like something I’d wear as a child as well. I love this overall skirt I’m wearing with my red and blue striped long sleeve shirt. Overalls are so on trend now, which is great if you’re feeling nostalgic about your playground days and storybook nights. To make the look even more fun and youthful, I am wearing some lace doily socks. If you didn’t own these as a kid, you weren’t living your childhood to the fullest. With them, I’m wearing a pair of my favorite oxfords.  


London is not the only must see in England. Aside from the city, there are many different towns with sights that each hold their own brand of magic. Throughout my time abroad, I will be sharing with you about my experiences in not only London, but in each of these towns and other parts of Europe as well! Stay tuned for more outfits and experiences! 

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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