Pretty Prague

When starting this new chapter of my life, little did I realize a section of it would take place in a children’s storybook land. I visited a place like this last week during my travel break to Prague. With its colorful buildings and horse drawn carriages, Prague made me feel like a little girl walking the cobblestone streets of her dreams.

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I stepped through the looking glass into the land of bedtime stories. Rather than being curled up in the covers of my parent’s bed as a five-year-old child hearing tales of distant lands, I was exploring one of them for the very first time. Picture-book illustrations came to life; A world that existed on paper became reality.

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Every corner I turned there was something new and beautiful to explore. It was not just sites such as Prague Castle and Stahov Monastery (which had a magical library by the way) that took my breath away and reminded me of how blessed I am to lead the life I do: it was the realization of how rich in color the leaves that fell to the ground were—deep red and orange leaves covered the ground and already colorful buildings. It was the graciousness of tons of free chocolate samples and a really foamy cup of coffee. It was being surrounded by people who speak a completely different language than you do, but understand the true blessing and beauty of everyday life.

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While walking down the charming streets of Mala Strana and Old Town Square, I was overjoyed to play the part of a little girl in a nineteen-year-old’s body. As always, I tailor my outfits to the place I’m travelling to, but stay true to my style. This ensemble in particular centers on my white and black plaid dress with an adorable collar which is totally something I’d wear if I were a little girl again. With it, I paired a cozy and thick pepper sweater (as Prague weather is a bit too chilly for my thin, Californian blood cells) and some thick black tights. I then finished off the look with some black ankle boots and my go to Matte lip.

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Prague will always be remembered as one of the destinations where an old part of myself was rediscovered, one of child-like joy. Through my trip there, God taught me to enjoy the small, overlooked beauties of the world and live each day in a light-hearted matter. Next stop on my trip was Vienna, Austria. Stayed tuned for another blog post on that real soon.

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Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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