Next stop on the Travel Weekend trip? Vienna, Austria! When I thought my five-day travel weekend could not get any more magical, my friends and I boarded the train departing from Prague to Vienna. The train allowed for three hours of complete serenity and solitude, an opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the written word (my companion on the ride was J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece, The Fellowship of the Ring) and God’s gorgeous landscape of golden trees while listening to my Autumn Acoustics playlist on Spotify.

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After the dreamy haze of our train ride, we arrived in Vienna. Little did I know what would be awaiting me was two days of more chapters in a child’s storybook. Actually, calling it a sequel would be more accurate. Vienna was its own brand of fairytale.

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By day, I visited palaces and libraries filled with literary and artistic treasures; I’m talking Schonbrunn Palace (where the Hapsburgs resided), Belvedere Palace (home to Klimt’s “Kiss”), and the Austrian National Library (a gorgeous, Baroque style library which happens to be on BuzzFeed’s list of Libraries you have to see before you die).

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By night, I went to four Christmas markets where I had tons of apple cider (one coming in a Christmas mug shaped like a stocking), bratwurst, marzipan and strudel. If these things are not elements of a fairytale, then I do not know what is.

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As a character of this storybook sequel, I decided to (as usual) dress the part. Layers, layers, and more layers were the true strategy of this look. In order to wear this floral summer dress with black lace detailing and not freeze to death, I decided to throw on my white turtleneck under it and cream cardigan on top. In addition to this, I put on some black tights and ankle boots to bring out the lace detailing of the dress. The black lace gives a new twist on a favorite feminine classic. Altogether, I was warm and ready to embrace the wonders Vienna had to offer.


Now it’s back to London for now and back to the states in two weeks! Stay tuned for a London based blog post real soon!

Keeping it Krishic,

Kristin Vartan

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