Coffee With a Side of Cognition

Studying for finals while studying abroad in London is like the carriage in Cinderella turning back into a pumpkin. One minute, you’re staring at a photography exhibit for Julia Margaret Cameron at the Victorian and Albert Museum, and the next your computer screen, creating an outline for your British History essays. The reality is, studying abroad means you actually have to study. However, that doesn’t mean that studying cannot be made into a fun activity too. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and turn long hours of studying into checking things off my London coffee bucket list.

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That’s right, folks. Rather than spending forever cooped up in my dorm room, I’ve compiled a list of cute and trendy coffee shops that Pinterest has advised me to go to. Whether taking a friend, or going alone, I have already gone to two coffee shops on my list: “The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs” and “Tina, We Salute You” (which is where these lovely photos were taken, courtesy of my friend Pauline; you can follow her on Instagram). This coming week, I’m planning on going to three more. Coffee overload? I think not.

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What I love about studying at coffee shops is that you are surrounded by people, but not distracted by them. You are amongst humanity but yet you are alone with your thoughts in an inspiring setting. When I went to Tina, We Salute you with my friend, I couldn’t help but be stimulated by a delicious flat white and colorful street art outside the coffee shop window. Oh, and great talks and consuming pastries make for good study breaks!

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Since I went to such an aesthetically pleasing environment, I felt the need to wear something cute, yet comfortable. I love this cozy plaid sweater I’m wearing with a chiffon cream collar under it. The preppy combo gets me in a studious mood. If you dress smart, you feel smart.


For more comfort purposes, I’m also wearing a dark wash of jeggings with my brown lace up boots. As for hair, I pulled it up in a low, loose bun to get my mane out of my face and show off my rhinestone earrings. Am I Kate Middleton disguised as some American student? Nah, but it’s fun to pretend. Lastly, I finished off my look with a signature maroon lip that matches my sweater.


Just because I’m studying, doesn’t mean I have to stop exploring. But, maybe I should stop using my blog posts as a form of procrastination…

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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