San Fran Style


I’ve not only left my heart in San Francisco, but my heart practically lives in San Francisco and may never come back. Next to London, San Francisco is my favorite city of all time. Since childhood, I have visited that city time and time again, always discovering something more new, more intriguing. And as usual, I can be found doing so in an empowering ensemble.

As the centerpiece for my outfit, I’m wearing an oversized leather jacket I stole from my mom’s throwback closet. I always fetch pieces from the extra closet in our house that holds her retro treasures, and this jacket with its gold button detailing has to be one of my favorites. With it, I have paired some black trousers and ankle boots, and a white turtleneck to break the dark streak. Finally for that extra pop of color, I decided to rock some dark lips, but what else is new?

Every time I cross the bay bridge into my city (especially in an outfit like this one), it’s like crossing the threshold into a place of possibilities. I find sanity in the midst of its chaos. Rather than overwhelming me, the tall buildings and human activity feed my thirst for adventure. Also, colorful Victorian houses and quaint coffee shops inspire me—You get the picture. It’s picture perfect.

Specifically, my recent trip to San Francisco was quite significant because it was the day before I flew back to London. Being home for an entire month in America caused a bad case of feet dragging. Do not get me wrong; I love London, but the comforts of America and family caused me to slightly dread returning to the UK. It may be cliché, but there is no place like home; The warmth of family, the promise of a comfortable bed (that feels like a cloud…thank God for memory foam!) and familiar surroundings are truly something to appreciate after a semester abroad. Thankfully, visiting San Francisco one last time before I left made me realize how much I missed being in London. It must have been the city air and Victorian flair that prompted me to pop my own bubble. A month of home was not enough, but it was time to get back on my abroad game for semester two! After five days of being back, all I can say is: it’s good– no fantastic to be back in my home away from home. I can already tell that God has some indescribably wonderful plans for me! Stay tuned!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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