Vartan in a Tartan: Scottish Style

With my green and blue tartan tightly wrapped around me, I stepped inside the beautiful country of Scotland. It was a weekend of time travel, as I traded the crisp white buildings of South Kensington in London for the grey stone buildings of Edinburgh and green fields of the highlands.


There was much merriment in the two days I spent in Scotland. My inner medieval nerd basked in the character of cobblestone streets and old stone buildings in Edinburgh. My bibliophilia skyrocketed as my hands brushed the leather of old books in shops like Armchair books. Don’t worry, I took some home with me, even though there was much temptation to buy out all the books in every store! After our book spree, my friends and I filled our stomachs with some hot chocolate floats from Mary’s Milk bar and tea from Elephant House (where J.K. Rowling first dreamt up Harry Potter). Our hearts (and stomachs!) were incredibly full.



The next day, my friends and I explored the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness. We ventured to the other side of the country whilst listening to Scottish music (not excluding the Brave soundtrack). My heart was so full with whispers of celtic tunes while taking in the gorgeous scenery of Glencoe, Loch Ness, and much more. My favorite part howver, was when Outlander dreams were fulfilled after visiting Doune castle during our tour. Needless to say, I was surrounded by magnificent places and even more magnificent people.


As far as attire goes, there was one item that was essential for making my Scottish style complete: a wool tartan. Plaid just screams Scotland to me. From my “extensive” knowledge of tartans from Outland, I discovered they are not just a fashion statement, but a source of identity and pride. The colors in them represent the clan you are a part of, a homage paid to your ancestors. Well, mine is just from a department store, but I still felt a sense of might from wearing mine! The rest of my ensemble was planned around this one essential item. The thick material of it kept me warm and its size was perfect for curling up in it like a blanket. Because I wanted the tartan to be the central article of my look, I kept the rest of my outfit neutral with my black coat, black jeans, and turtleneck.



Scotland will definitely be a country I visit again. Its raw beauty captivated me in way nowhere else has. Every time I wear my tartan now, my mind will trail off to my time there and how precious it truly was.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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