The Journey to Jordan

Come away with me to the region of ancient history. Come away with me, on a biblical pilgramage, on a journey that revives the soul, connecting you with the culture of a far off land that is so unlike your own, but maybe not as unreachable as you would expect. Join me on my four part series of my journey to Jordan.


To dive in the Dead Sea and feel its minerals healing my body and soul, to dip my feet in the Jordan River, to stand on top of Mount Nebo and overlook the promise land in the same way Moses did many many millenia ago… These were some of the priceless moments of fellowship with my friends while on my trip, moments of complete awe in the glories of the Lord.


First stop of day 1 in Jordan swimming in the Dead Sea. However, I felt more alive than dead when swimming in that extremely salient water. Once stepping inside, I instantly floated without needing to prop myself up. It was both the weirdest and most peaceful feeling in the world, as if “someone” instead of “something” was keeping me afloat, a direct metaphor for what God does for me on a daily basis.


This feeling of His presence continued with my second stop of the day: the Jordan River, AKA where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. It was marvelous to feel the cool, milky waters of the Jordan and think about why Christ chose this particular river to be baptized in. It seemed so normal, so humble. But maybe that’s why he chose it.


Next, we went to Mount Nebo took in its breathtaking view. It reminded me of the final scene in the Prince of Egypt where Moses smiled over the Promise Land, and there’s that dramatic musical finish before the movie blacks out. Call me crazy, but I was definitely humming the theme of the movie. If you had deja vu whilst reading this, it is probably because I have a soundtrack playing in my head for every single travel destination I blog about. My goal is not only to make my life like a high fashion magazine, but a musical as well. Sorry not sorry.


During my magazine/movie/musical moments in Jordan, I was wearing my current favorite dress. It reminds me of something my grandma would wear: loose, modest, and somehow intensely flattering. Thank you Zara for making this possible. I loved soaking up the Jordan sun in that black and orange, floral frock of mine. However, too much sun is not good when adventuring! Therefore, I added a floppy hat and my Prada sunglasses for good measure! These two options were for both fashion and function. Finally, I threw on my criss-cross strap brown sandals. It’s been a long time since my toes have seen the light of day!


Surreal. Surreal is the most appropriate words to sum up my five day trip to Jordan. It was intriguing to think that the stories I’ve read throughout my life in the Bible were right before me. In one day, I had stepped inside both the Old and New Testaments. This may me a fashion blog, but fashion is all about identity and my readers should know fairly well by now that my identity is derived from not only clothing but other things as well. The most important thing above all, is my relationship with Christ, a relationship that my identity is heavily intertwined with and I love writing about it on here from time to time.

I cannot wait to continue sharing my outfit diaries and notable moments with you all. Look forward to three more Jordan blog posts, chicsters!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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