A London Lady at Heart: Why I Miss London




When you’ve accepted the London Call for an entire year, you cannot help but feel Nostalgia when the call finally gets disconnected.

I may be an American, but I owe so much self discovery to my time abroad in London. I cannot discredit that there was a significant part of me found in the streets of London town while skipping down the street and listening to the My Fair Lady Soundtrack. There was a significant part of me revealed while gazing at paintings in the National Gallery or Tate Britain. There was significant part of my heart that fell for the chime of Big Ben. The English countryside. Living in a Victorian House with almost fifty people on weekdays, and out of a suitcase in different countries on weekends.

This California native misses cloudy days and reading in trendy coffee shops while the drops of rain adorn their windows. I am currently basking in the sun of my American home, but not feeling that sense of wanderlust warmth as I did on those cold days in England. I miss stamping my passport. Staring at golden trees during a long train ride. Walking through castles and palaces, dreaming of fairytales whilst truly living in one.

If I continue to sit at my computer and type out everything I miss, I would never finish. However, I can finish with this. It was the little things in London that made it the most memorable. It was in the joyful and sorrowful moments where God showed his grace to me and my abroad family who were on this journey with me. My time abroad, specifically living and exploring London will always captivate my soul. And one day, I will be back in my beloved city.

It’s difficult to leave your home and your family, even if it means going back to your home and family. However, I know I will get the London call again someday. For now, I am looking forward to the adventures that await me in America.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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