Primrose (Hill) and Proper


Picture this: the sun shining down on pastel houses as birds are chirping. Sounds like some wonderful dream, right? Well, that my fellow chicsters was how my day began in Primrose Hill. Yes, this sounds like my day in Notting Hill as well. You could say I took London by rain or sunshine, one “hill” at a time.

After taking in the picturesque welcome of the neighborhood that is graced by the presence of celebrities like Suki Waterhouse (I sadly did not run into her), my friend and I spent a leisure couple hours in Primrose bakery, an adorable retro sugar haven with the most delectable desserts you ever did see. I went for two crumpets with a mountain of Nutella on them and a cappuccino. I was right at home in the mint, pink, and white bakery with my treats and a Martha Stewarts wedding issue with Jenny Bernheim’s (Margo and Me) wedding photos.

After eating way too many sweets, we explored and walked up to the top of Primrose Hill; Wow what a sight. The London Skyline view was worth the climb—okay, truth be told it was not much of a climb!

By nature, I tend to wear a bountiful of black. However, the spring air had gotten me in a pastel sort of mood—mixed with black of course. My pastel piece was none other than my geometric bomber jacket! Bomber jackets are currently on-trend as seen on They may seem like a non-versatile piece, but they can be styled with just about anything: shorts, skirts, little dresses, or long black ones like the one you see me wearing here. Bombers are especially fun because they come in all colors and patterns. This pink, mint, and white one I’m wearing is appropriate for a cool spring/summer day and is a plus since it matches the color scheme of Primrose Bakery. To match the sportiness of the jacket, I am wearing my Nike Roshe Sneakers. These babies have been the “it” sneakers for quite some time now, and I doubt they’ll ever go out of style.

This outfit is especially a favorite of mine, because it was featured on! I am so thankful to my internship with CollegeFashionista for presenting me with such an opportunity.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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