Ravishing Roses

There’s something hopelessly captivating about roses. Unlike most flowers like the daisy or sunflower that is opened up for all to see, a rose is filled with layers of mystery. These layers of mystery seem to protect its center, a chamber of identity that it only reveals under certain levels of light. If a rose was a person, they would be the most interesting, maybe hard to understand but the best to try and figure out. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved them, because they are not only romantic and timeless, but also filled with depth.




I acquire immense joy when receiving roses, but even more satisfaction when wearing them. If they are on my clothing it makes them closer in proximity to my heart. Yes, it may sound cheesy, but it is true. Roses are just that important to me. You can imagine why I have an uncontrollable love affair with my retro rose romper. There are so many flattering components to this article of clothing. The floral pattern provides feminine flair highlighted by the black backdrop of the romper. The flared out sleeves complement my arms immensely while dressing up this casual piece a bit. So does the flared out nature at the bottom of the romper. Onlookers could easily mistake this romper for a dress, but the joke’s on them because I am beyond comfortable! My favorite feature however, is the retro bow in the center above the tiny peekaboo, which shows a little skin, but in a tasteful manner. Speaking of showing off a little skin, can we talk about the back of this piece a little? There’s this sensational square dip in the back that showcases the shoulder blades, almost framing them in fact. Here’s a little tip: modesty in the front of any top, dress, or romper can be made up for in exposure in the back. Showing off has never been more classy!

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While this piece is independently gorgeous, accessories can make or break the entire look. Of course, you all know about my obsession with my pink kate spade dynamic duo. If I could carry this rhinestone encrusted purse with everything, I probably would, and I pretty much already do. These matching bubblegum loafers with a black satin bow are practically glued to my feet. The good news is there is a hint of light pink in the romper’s roses that match effortlessly. The black bow on my shoes also pick up the black background of the romper, tying everything (no pun intended) together. For that final touch, my ears are adorned with a floral earring of the same color as the rest of my accessories. I’m basically a human bouquet.



No matter what form a rose comes in, a Turkish delight, tea, an actual bouquet or clothing, they never cease to brighten up my day. Give this superior flower the love it deserves by sporting some roses yourself.




Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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