Jumpsuit Up!


We are living in the twenty-first century my friends. This is the era of technology and social equality, that equality including women’s rights. Yes, I am talking about a call for equivalent pay in the work force, but also the right to wear clothes that are less conventionally feminine. The “who’s wearing the pants” saying is beyond dated, as formal events do not just feature women wearing dresses exclusively. Ladies on the red carpet are sporting sleek pantsuits, short suits, and the topic of today’s post, jumpsuits. Women have officially begun wearing the pants too, and they are not compromising their femininity as a result of it. The right cut, fit, and accessories are the finishing touches you need to make your jumpsuit as girly as you want it to be.

Personally, I am as girly as they come, but I’m also just as innovative with my wardrobe. Who says a cocktail party requires a cocktail dress? Instead, I say a well-tailored jumpsuit is just as appropriate and flattering. I love this beige one from Michael Kors because it has underestimated regality. Beige may seem like a toned down color, but this jumpsuit definitely makes a statement! It’s all in how well it fits. First off, there is well purposed pleating in the torso and legs. Pleats are the unspoken signs of being professional and pristine. Also, they ensure that a garment like this doesn’t have its wearer swimming in fabric. In addition to perfect pleats, the cuffed trousers and strapless top act as bookends to this insanely chic number. Need I say more?

For that personal touch, it’s important to choose accessories that capture your personality. As a forward thinker with a vintage soul, nothing says me more than cameos. These cream cameo earrings have that Victorian feel that makes my inner historical geek soar. Add some timeless pearls, a Burberry clutch, and floral peep-toes and I am good to go!

To my fellow wardrobe revolutionaries: keep on revolutionizing. After all, trends and social norms were not created by people who followed set trends and social norms to the “T.”

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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