Capitol Chic: Visiting The California State Capitol




After basking in the opulence of European landmarks, I decided to explore those in my own backyard. What better historical haven whose sites to admire than California’s State Capitol museum? Everywhere you look, whether up at the dreamy and heavily adorned rotunda or down at the checkered floors beneath your feet as you take in governor’s portraits and the Persian carpets that trail the regally wooden staircases, you cannot help but find yourself in awe. Personally, I was having heart palpitations at how much pink graced the walls.

I’ve always felt like a kid in a candy store when taking in history and this visit was no different. While California is fairly new in caparison to the two thousand years of tradition that exists in the United Kingdom, it has more developed areas such as San Francisco and Sacramento, two cities imprinted with Victorian houses and Enlightenment décor. The capital represents the attention to detail these eras emulated. Contrary to popular belief, California is not all beaches and sunshine, but a medley of stunning sites.

I don’t just like to see history, but wear it. Thus, are you even surprised that I took my outfit inspiration from Old Hollywood? In the Grace Kelly fashion, I decided to utilize a richly colored silk scarf. The red and black is the perfect contrast against this casual white suit. Yet, the white pearls in the scarf pick up on the rest of the ensemble. One thing I’ve always found admirable about the golden greats like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn is their ability to look attractive without showing too much skin. As the saying goes, “modest is hottest!” With this sleeveless, button-up top and pencil skirt, it is vey achievable. The top is very form fitting, showing off the shape of my torso and displaying my arms. The skirt hits right above the knee, a very respectable cut, long enough to be appropriate for any professional setting, but short enough to do wonders for the legs. The one thing about a suit like this is that it can make you look a little short unless you wear a set of heels. These pointy nude Mary Janes do just the trick! Don’t worry they’re comfortable too!

A couple other notorious trends of Old Hollywood include a classic red lip and a chic handbag! This shade of MAC lipstick is creamy with a bit of shimmer and matches well with my silk scarf, bringing everything together from head to toe. This gorgeous lipstick is resting in my pearl gray-white handbag. I love how the same leather is braided into the chain.

My visit to the California State Capitol Museum was my definition of a very patriotic Independence Week. I am looking forward to getting to know my state more, one landmark at a time—and look darn chic while doing it!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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