Library Lookbook: California State Library



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A library touched by Midas. A labyrinth of literature, filled with rich wall murals and cozy leather chairs to gape at them from. It was as if this The California State Library did not even belong in California, but in the belly of an ancient pyramid.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library,” are the notorious words of Jorge Louis Borges, and I must say those words ring true for me. Books are my beacon of peace. Books are my escape from daily life, an opportunity to travel to many places that exist or do not, without leaving my seat. I may be a devout traveler, but some of my most life changing journeys have been experienced through ink and paper.”

Similarly, I love traveling to breathtaking libraries that house these treasures. In fact, I saw many gorgeous libraries around Europe, whether in England, Ireland, the Czech Republic, or Austria. Let me tell you, they were worth more to me than any palace I saw. Next to them, Palace of Versailles and Buckingham Palace were just buildings that housed monarchs. Libraries were my personal palaces, where I felt the most like royalty. It was essential for me, like breathing to continue exploring these word-filled wonders in America.

Contrary to my previous perception, there are libraries in my native country that provide the same irrevocable joy I felt exploring European libraries. The California State Library marks the first of my “Library Lookbook” series, and I am so excited to go on this journey with me. Fashion, writing, and reading are three of my favorite things in this entire world; What better than to combine them every so often on my blog?

As I stepped through this diamond in the rough of a building, I wore a white ankle length summer dress from Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein does such a great job of creating romantic pieces that are still extremely easy to roam around in. Mobility as well as style is important, as I do not want to be remotely distracted while perusing through my paradise. My favorite part of this dress is the ruffle straps, as ruffles are extremely on-trend right now, just ask Margo and Me! What I love about ruffles are how fun, yet classic they are. In addition to the ruffles, the textured fabric of the dress makes it anything but conventional.

Another trend I’ve added to the mix are these strappy wedges from Tommy Hilfiger. Some of my favorite brands are featuring strappy ballet shoes that can a staple on the streets as much as they are on stage. My shoes even hit close to home on the espadrille trend. The great thing about these shoes are the rainbow plaid on the main part of the shoe. White dresses are the perfect opportunity to break out statement shoes and these definitely make a statement! Lastly, I’ve added my favorite pair of antique gold hoops with a pearl that match the Midas aesthetic of the library!

As I descended the white marble staircase of the California State Library to the exit, I could not help but feel a tugging on my heart. Like the end of a magical novel, I hate leaving any library once inside. This literary journey maybe over, but there will be a sequel that will hopefully be as enjoyable as the first! On to the next library!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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