The Lady in Lavender











Tiny towns, hidden treasures.

My hometown delights in the beauty of each season. February turns the Stanislaus County into a pink paradise with its endless orchards of blossoms. May and June are when one can pick plump blueberries directly under the toasty sun. And July, July is the lovely Lavender season. Whenever I’m on spring or summer break, I try to indulge in these simple pastimes, remembering that a small town too has its gems.

This summer, I decided to explore the notoriously local favorite, Pageo Lavender Farm for Brunch. Most people think of the location as a wedding venue, but what many don’t know is they take lunch reservations. The most special part? It’s such a hidden secret that you may find yourself and who you attend lunch with to be the only two or so people there. The farm feels like a secret garden that hides you away from the rest of the world with its enchanting greenery. You are nestled between nature, a character in your own fairytale. It can be an ideal place for a date or fun outing with your close friends.

A perfect outdoor brunch setting is a multi-sensory experience. It involves sights, smells, and taste. My time at Pageo Lavender farm allowed the aroma of lavender to penetrate my nostrils, its beauty widen my eyes, and delicious food to lightly tickle my taste buds with its flowery essence. Let’s just say that I fell in love with the place and would gladly lose myself there again.

Any fashionista would agree that there is just one more sense to indulge for an outing like this: your fashion sense! I intentionally matched the lavender land by wearing a vintage lavender dress that is oh-so-flattering! This piece is girly and has a detailed, ruffled skirt perfect for twirling. After all, who would not want to twirl and frolic through a place like this? For some added adornments, I am wearing a statement bracelet with a satin bow and shimmery dangled earrings also in the purple family. I finish off the look with my pointy Mary Jane heels from Nine West for some understated elegance, as I wanted to keep eyes on the dress as much as possible.

I hope this post has encouraged you to go discover the little delights of your own hometowns! Even if you are a city person like me, there is nothing like a quiet and quaint escape! Happy August!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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