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Going abroad to London last year taught me about the importance of being a tourist in my own city. I am perfectly fine with getting all dolled up and making a DSLR camera the extension of my arm when going out and about in LA. No regrets. No shame. This city deserves to be photographed, and I am taking you along with me on my adventures throughout it. The first of many of these explorations took place on Melrose avenue with my lovely roommates.

We began our day at the uber famous Alfred Coffee, whose beverages were as enjoyable as the trendy ambiance. We truly took their mantra, “but first, coffee” seriously. Who can wander without a good cup of joe? Certainly not me. As you approach the Melrose location, the cafe has a Parisian looking exterior, which triggered European nostalgia. Stepping inside however was a whole other story. It was absolutely So-Cal in nature, the epitome of eclecticism found around colorful Los Angeles. My roommates and I were obsessed with the floral wallpaper, wall succulents, skeleton mural and the lattes. Oh the lattes. One sip of my Vanilla latte was like resting my taste buds on a cloud floating up to caffeinated heaven. My face is a clear indication of that feeling.

Continuing our quintessential tourist crawl, we ventured down the LA streets in search of the city’s most iconic walls. The Paul Smith wall was definitely a favorite, as i am a big fan of the color pink. In the words of one of my roommates, it quite literally is the perfect shade of pink. You may think a pink wall cannot be astounding, but in person I have to say, wow.It looked great against my street chic outfit, a mixture of influences from European and American fashion. I love wearing off-the-shoulder tops with a fabric bow choker. I could easily see myself wearing something like this while sipping hot chocolate in Paris, but the black jeans and sneakers (with a touch of British Burberry) make the look appropriately casual for strolling down LA streets in style. With some Prada shades to shield myself from that scorching SoCal sun, I am ready to go!

The other wall we snapped some photos by was the “Made in LA” wall. I may have not been born in LA, but I think living in LA has led me to some amazing opportunities. Therefore, I have “made it in LA” and will continue to climb its ladder of success. 

Our next stop was “Gracias Madre,” a Vegan hub that can be life changing for even a carnivore like me. For any fan of latin cuisine with a twist and modern setting, this is the place to go. I will forever be hypnotized by the delicious “Tower of Spuds” with cashew cheese–yes cheese that is actually made of cashews and the black and white tiled bar contrasted by an exposed red brick wall. The patio seating is also a great touch. Brunch never felt more fancy!

As a nice end to our day, we went to The Griffith Observatory. I’ve always dreamed of going to a planetarium and getting lost in a Sky Full of Stars (Coldplay pun completely intended). It was an evening of setting sights on the glories above: at gorgeous wall murals filled with Greek and Biblical allusions, the planets through a telescope, stars in a planetarium and of course, the LA skyline. The trip reminded me that the world is more grand than the college bubble I’m currently living in. It reminded me how blessed I am that God has made such uncontainable canvases and yet he focuses on me and how I feel; I, a mere human. It reminded me that there is a whole world out there for me to explore, to thrive in.

I will definitely be going on more adventures like these throughout the year, philosophical streams of consciousness included. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you do not miss any of it!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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