Florever French: Fashion at Cafe de Flore



“Paris holds the key to her heart,” are some lyrics from one of my all time favorite films, “Anastasia.” The song expresses the desires of a foreigner in awe of all the wonders Paris has to offer her. And how can a foreigner not give their heart over willingly to Paris? As an American with some serious francophilia, the love affair is extremely real!

As I sit in French class, my mind momentarily drifts to the days I spent at cafes in Paris, specifically the quintessential Parisian café, Café de Flore. I miss the hypnotic melody of French accents in the air and people watching while gazing at the city landscape. I miss time traveling to older times as I’m leisurely sipping on a petit coffee. Never in my life had I experienced such pure bliss, something I have been craving during the very exciting yet hectic weeks of my junior year in college. Sometimes, I want to just drop all of my homework and curl up with the Count of Monte Cristo, just so I can picture myself in France again. I’ll even find myself alternating between the “Funny Face” soundtrack and “Edith Piaf” songs on Spotify to really paint the picture of Paris in my mind!

Touristy as it may come off, I am beyond tempted to wear berets again, like I did on this blissful day in Paris. You can definitely tell that there is some London influence mixed into this look, with my black blazer, black jeans, and pink loafers. The black bow in these shoes does give the footwear a bit of a Parisian feel, perfect for strolling down those cobblestone steets! 

I’m hoping I can somehow make my pink and black berets work for a casual day in Malibu as well. The nearest body of water may now be the ocean rather than the Seine, or River Thames, but Europe is definitely still dictating my fashion choices. If you see some out of place Vagabond trailing up and down Pepperdine’s campus, it’s probably me.

Stay tuned for how I bring European looks to Malibu and the Los Angeles Area!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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