How to Achieve the ‘Overdressed’ Casual Look






I am not going to lie for a split second about this. I am the girl who is always overdressed. I love a good cat eye, crisp shirt, bold lip, and wear white shorts after Labor Day. I am a daily fashion divergent and proud of it.

Therefore, you can most certainly find me wearing this kind of outfit on a casual Wednesday afternoon around campus, or whilst wandering through a vineyard after a magazine interview. The top half of my look communicates English Countryside with my straw hat and vertical stripe knotted blouse. I mix it with a Malibu, West Coast bottom half by wearing white cuffed shorts and Michael Kors black flip flops. Sometimes, I forget that I am a California native and unconsciously wrap myself up in this “born in the wrong generation and wrong continent persona.” Maybe I am the product of both worlds, or just the product of my innate personality that translates over in the language of style.

When it comes down to it, dress is an art form for me, and I think it’s important to recognize that it is for others as well. This can sometimes translate as being overdressed, but I see dressing up more as a form of self-expression. I don’t do it to impress others. Rather, I put together the looks I do because they make me feel good about myself and give me the confidence necessary to conquer the day. That is not to say that I never dress down. I have my T-shirt and jean moments, but it really depends on my mood. More often than not, I find my most positive days are the ones where I took a bit of extra time to orchestrate an outfit. If this sounds like something you do too, embrace it.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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