Valentino and the Nutcracker Ballet


With only four days until Christmas, I have been practicing some favorite family traditions: watching the nutcracker ballet, drinking festive coffee drinks, and watching too many Christmas movies to count (Anything from Beauty and the Beast and the Enchanted Christmas to Elf). Nothing warms my soul like the Christmas season and getting to celebrate Christ’s birth with my family!

Christmas is also a fantastic time to incorporate fashion week trends into your closet. I have been consistently captivated by the creativity of high fashion this year, specifically the renaissance dream that was the Valentino Fall 2016 couture show. The runway featured accordion necklaces reminiscent of Shakespearean times and commonly warn by Queen Elizabeth I herself as well as long flowy gowns that certainly made an entrance at any ball. As an avid time traveller in the world of books and cinema, I am just as dedicated to the past when it comes to fashion. I became even more obsessed with this time period when studying History of the British Monarchy and British Literature in London. The two classes allowed me attain more knowledge about aristocratic/monarchial life in Great Britain and Europe, whether through trips to the National Portrait Gallery where Kings and Queens portraits stared back at me or in Stratford Upon Avon, where I was able to see Elizabethan costume in person.

Now at home, half of my attention is drawn to the dress of stylish 16th century Queens like Cate Blanchett’s Elizabeth I and Reign’s Queen Mary of Scots. The amount of detail that went into fashion during that era is something I miss in a modern world of fast fashion. Yes, it makes clothing more accessible to us as a public, but craftsmanship is compromised. There was an artistry that went into the gowns of the Renaissance because dress was a symbol of personality, an imprint on history that needle and thread could write. That is why Valentino’s line resonates with me. It brings back elements of a period that valued quality over quantity and brought about a golden era through the arts (thanks to the Medici) and literature (thanks to Shakespeare).

I aim to revive this era in my own wardrobe musings. Who says you cannot recreate couture? This look that I wore to the Nutcracker Ballet is specifically inspired by this look here. I recreated it with pieces already in my closet, go figure that I’d have historical pieces! The key piece in this look is definitely my black midi dress with a lace high neck. It is almost identical to the net top of the Valentino dress, but with a lace twist. This dress is also a fabulous way to subtly show some skin! To resemble the shakespearean neckline of the couture ensemble, I am wearing my my tulle accordion choker from ASOS that has pearl and rhinestone detailing. I love how this necklace modernizes such a historical trend, having the ability to spice up anything from a tee shirt to a ballroom gown. I substituted riding boots for a pair of classic two toned pumps and paired them with my Burberry bag.

As far as beauty is concerned, I parted my hair down the middle and pulled it into a low bun, as worn by most of the models on the couture catwalk. I went for a more gothic flair with my makeup by wearing a brown and purple smoky eye and matte plum lipstick.

If you enjoy these runway inspiration looks, leave a comment down below! I am always up for a fashionable challenge, especially when I’m home for the holidays and have access to a bigger chunk of my closet!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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