The Classic Cape Look


Every girl needs a cape in her wardrobe. Why, you may ask? Because women are superheroes and need a fashionable way of showing it (shout out to the Women’s March today because women’s equality is very near and dear to my heart)! A cape in my mind represents an accomplished, put together woman who is ready to take on the classroom, the workroom, the world. Plus, this outerwear item feels like you’re wearing a blanket over your clothes in a more acceptable manner.

There are many ways to wear a cape, depending on your personality, but here is how I wear mine the “Krischic” way. As my style is a mix of British and Parisian, I am wearing this charcoal grey Ted Baker cashmere cape with a Parisian blue, white, and red necktie. Nothing says Parisian (and where I actually reside, Malibu) like nautical!

To provide some extra warmth, I have on a cozy cream sweater underneath and some black jeans for polished comfort. For that final touch of British, these black Oxfords from Selfridges do the trick!

I urge you all to go and wear your capes proudly today and every day this winter!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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