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The art of being a woman is exhibiting a certain level of strength while exuding feminine class through genuine and benevolent intentions in all you do. Each woman is her own piece of art. Not everyone is a Baroque, Peter Paul Reubens painting of perfect, precision and idealization. Most (and I would argue all) women are Picassos. They are not perfect or uniform, but interesting because of their imperfections. Just like Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces, women are made of all shapes, sizes and colors. Similarly, it does not matter what shape, size, ethnicity, or class a woman is. What truly matters is the heart beneath the exterior that livens her special, artful exterior. Therefore, the art of being a woman is also recognizing that she is art and worthy to be admired.

The art of being a woman is also having the courage to be outspoken about what you believe in and to do so respectfully. We live in an ever-evolving world where conviction is an ever-fluctuating currency. An artful woman is one who aims to stabilize that currency, to remember she can make a difference because her words whether spoken or written have power behind them. Through that voice, she can make a difference in the world.

The art of being a woman is exhibited in how artists portray her, in other words how writers paint a picture of her life, how photographers capture her smile, how editors make the final decision on how her story is told, encompassing all facets of a publication: prose, design, photography, and eventually how those things carry over on the internet. Thankfully, I feel that there is a magazine out there that is doing all these things with artistic integrity, which is why I am so excited to join the Darling Magazine team this summer as their Online Editorial Intern! I have been in love with this publication since my freshman year in college. It warms my heart that I get to be a part of their narrative. Stay updated on my intern experiences on Instagram (@keepingitkrischic) and for internship outfit lookbooks on the blog!


Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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