Postcards From San Francisco

As far as I’m concerned, no time period is ever out of fashion. In fact, I sometimes live life through not only rose-tinted glasses—but sepia tinted ones too. That’s why in today’s post at the 20th Century Café in San Francisco, I tinted the photos to match what I personally see when walking through San Francisco.

I am thankful to have a family who humors my vintage daydreams when going on day trips with them and cafes that keep the retro nostalgia alive. 20th Century Café is this lovely little Russian café that serves boutique sized pastries on what looks to be your grandma’s crockery. This sort of old-world charm is mixed with a millennial favorite: white marble tables and luxurious red velvet booths. The eatery is filled with folks quite like myself, highly intrigued by either a newspaper or magazine while sipping on cappuccinos. I’ve recently fallen in love with The Gentlewoman Magazine, that I happily curled up with in between bites of cake and conversation with the fam.

To fit into my antique European corner of the world, I am wearing some high-waist beige trousers with gorgeous pleating and a navy and red nautical shirt. To add some Parisian flair, I opted for an ascot in the same color palette of my shirt. If you cannot tell by my Instagram and a previous blog post, I’m totally not addicted to necktie scarves… I also didn’t match my outfit to my magazine…

Prepared to do some major walking and café hopping in San Fran, I opted for a crossbody Burberry purse that also matches my trousers and the red of my shirt and some comfortable brown leather sandals.

Let me know what you think of this slightly different edit to my photos and tell me in the comments below what you did this Memorial Weekend!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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