June Gloom Blooms Are Culottes

As you may or may not know, I have been wanting to buy myself a bouquet of peonies for years now.

The experience was quite remarkable–from spotting the buds in the midst of many breathtaking blooms at the flower market to watching them slowly wake up, stretching their petals out completely to reveal their awestruck beauty. Call it cliche or cheesy, but I perked up every time I looked at my dining room table and saw them!

IMG_6568 (1).JPGIMG_7098.JPG

In honor of National Pink Day yesterday, I thought I’d pay tribute to these gorgeous June blooms and the matching floral pants I wore while finding them. The month of June and its coinciding gloom are coming to an end and the heatwaves have slowly began to rise. Trousers like these are just what you need to stay “culotte” all summer! I found mine at a thrift stall at the Brick Lane Market, but you don’t need to travel all the way to London to find them. Just treasure hunt at your favorite local thrift store! I plan on browsing through some in LA this summer to find some more diamonds in the rough.


As these trousers are quite the attention seekers, I paired them with a Zara peasant looking top that can be worn off-the-shoulders. I picked up on the green stems of the flowers through my antique statement earrings that I stole from my mom (this is such a recurring theme in many of my outfit posts). As I learned from a Business of Fashion article, statement earrings are to millennials what traffic stopping shoes were to Carrie Bradshaw. And I’m all for it! The best places to find these beauties are either in your mother’s jewelry stash (thank you ’80s!) or a vintage shop! You’ll see me wearing them in stride around my LA stomping grounds: to the flower markets, architectural wonders like the Bradbury Building (as pictured), and fun coffee shops!


What are your favorite upcoming trends for the summer? Share them in the comments below!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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