Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

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The seasons may pass and the years may go, but each one brings new blessings, new spurts of creativity and new memories captured in style-filled blog posts.

My fashion blog has always been a place of nostalgia, so it’s only fitting to go down the memory lane of street style with my top ten favorite blog posts of 2017! This will be a new tradition on Keeping it Krischic that I will continue at the end of each calendar year.

The ranking of each post was based off of various categories:

  1. The Message and Heart Behind the Post
  2. The Style and Creativity of the Writing
  3. The Quality and Creativity of the Photos
  4. The Artistry and Sentimentality of Each Outfit
  5. The Allure of the Setting

With that being said, I hope you enjoy reminiscing over some of Keeping it Krischic’s highlights with me! Feel free to click on the title to read each post individually and share your personal favorites in the comments below!

10. All Things Vintage and Faux Fur

fur, Zara, Gucci, Gucci loafers, Brunch outfit, Beverly Hills Hotel, lookbook, fashion, ootd

Favorite Quote: “The jazzy sways of the lounge’s live piano music were like a time travel machine. Combined with the dark green walls contrasted by the cherry wood bar and art deco mirrors throughout the restaurant, I was on cloud nine. The Polo Lounge’s Brioche French Toast with black berries, spiced chocolate and dulce de leche were also absolutely to die for and complemented my cappuccino and ambience.”

9. Gettying All Glammed Up

lookbook, fashion, ootd, Storets, Getty Villa, romantic, Gucci, Gucci loafers, travel

Favorite Quote: “One can get closer to a Roman Holiday in Malibu than you think. Just drive ten miles down Pacific Coast Highway and you will find yourself before an elaborate mansion known as the Getty Villa. This landmark, adorned with archaic motifs throughout, is modeled after ancient Greco-Roman architecture. Within its walls, visitors may behold Romanian antiquities, sculptures reminiscent of Greek Myth and my favorite, lavish gardens that you can’t help but want to picnic in—cheese and fruit plate included.”

8. Girl in Gingham

Perch LA, Zara, gingham top, fashion blogger

Favorite Quote: “Embroidery, embellishments, and rich colors when done tastefully can bring back an air of monarchial grace of the Renaissance noblewomen. Thankfully, Zara a more affordable option, is filled with colorful, fun pieces that satisfy my high fashion and historical cravings.”

7. Keeping it Krischicbeach: Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, Victoria Beach, California, Zara, lookbook, beach outfit, white shorts, statement earrings
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Favorite Quote: “Painters, writers and fashion enthusiast alike cannot help but feel inspiration all around them in this picturesque beach town, filled with art fairs (Like Sawdust), museums and storybook beaches. I would almost consider it to be the Florence of California, a true renaissance beach town.”

6. Parisian Chic Beachwear

beach style, bowler hat, JCrew, striped top, nautical, fashion, lookbook, ootd

Favorite Quote: “The T-shirt and shorts combo is practically a uniform at the beach for a California native—other than a swimsuit of course. Well, I have been a Californian my whole life, and I break the style rules all the time.In terms of fashion, I don’t mind being as rebellious as a schoolgirl, modifying the constraints of her dress code to adapt it to her unique aesthetic.”

5. High & Low Fashion for Fall

Milk and Roses, Brooklyn, lookbook, corset, blouse, slides, mules, Kate Spade, fashion blogger, style, fashion, high fashion, every day look, outfit of the day, ootd, Levis, books, coffee, tea, coffee shop, New York

Favorite Quote: “Fashion is quite a necessarily retreat to stay inspired. My fashion therapy sessions have included curating my fall fashion closet. The key to a successful autumn wardrobe is going back to the basics. For me, the basics are referencing historical style.”

4. She Wore Blue Velvet…

Topshop Dress, velvet dress, Topshop, lookbook, fashion blogger, fashion, high fashion, vintage fashion, San Francisco fashion blogger, San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker Ballet, Christmas, Jeffrey Campbell, clear shoes, naked shoes, teardrop earrings, modest fashion, vsco fashion, winter fashion, theatre, theatre outfit

Favorite Quote:  “There’s something about inheriting clothing and jewelry from the generations before that make you feel connected to more than one place at one time. I’ve always been quite onistic (“the frustration of being stuck in just one body at any time, unable to experience more than one thing or be in more than one place”) so carrying vintage pieces remedy it a little.”

3. Believing in Pink

French style, French girl, San Francisco, San Francisco street style, street style, fashion blogger, fashion girl, plaid skirt, Clueless fashion, fall fashion, Gucci, Forever 21, Zara, fur coat, beret, pink, pink sweater, lookbook, ootd, outfit of the day

Favorite Quote: “I’ve never been one to think that being a feminist means denying your inner girly girl–in terms of color choices or the the style of what you wear. In fact, if Elle Woods taught us anything about being a strong woman, you can be an intelligent leader and still wear pink like a badge of honor. What was it Audrey Hepburn said about believing in pink but also believing in being strong–and she was both a UNICEF ambassador and an accomplished actress.”

2. Redefining the Beach Body

beach style, Reformation, Reformation swimsuit, retro swimwear, lookbook, ootd, oversized button down, Malibu, El Matador Beach, gold hoop earrings, body positivity, Audrey Hepburn

Favorite Quote: “My body actually makes me love fashion more, because it’s not an empty canvas for an artist’s work (while I do appreciate the artistry behind clothing and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with fashion in the first place): It’s the stencil. That’s what it means to have personal style—personality is a factor, but so is physicality. Celebrate your body shape and use it to your advantage when picking out clothes you like, rather than seeing it as a burden.”

1. Old Hollywood Glam For My 21st

Old Hollywood, outfit, Napa Valley Wine Train, Napa, vintage outfit, lookbook, fashion blogger

Favorite Quote: “I traded in the red carpet of Hollywood for the red carpet on the Napa Valley Wine Train, an Edwardian dream on wheels. With this as my scene and the bubbly of Dom Perignon champagne on my lips, it is safe to say that the outfit was that final sprinkle of magic to transfer me back to the previous century!”

Honorable Mentions:







She’s the Lady in Red

ASOS, Red, lookbook, off the shoulder, dress, formal dress, red dress, lace dress, fashion, fashion blogger, Malibu Farm, Malibu Pier, California, LA Style, evening style, red lips, curly hair, Old Hollywood, sorority formal photos, photography, VSCO Cam, VSCO fashion, curly hair

Favorite Quote:There’s something about wearing red. Red is sultry. Red is vibrant. Red is a personality, not a color. Red is the embodiment of confidence, elegance, and daringness.”

Krischic’s Guide to French Country Style

Domaine Carneros Winery, Napa outfit, Napa Valley, landscape photography, sundress, ootd, vintage dress, floppy hat, embellished flats, summer style, sparkling wine

Favorite Quote: “There is a hidden beauty to the way the sun stenciled shapes on the dirt floor through the grape leaves while I drank nectar-like wine at Darioush Winery, or the view of rolling hills whilst enjoying the bubbly tickle of Domaine Carneros’ sparkling wines.”

Krischic at Castello di Armorosa

Castello di Amorosa, Napa Valley, wine tasting, Medieval, The Middle Ages, castle, Castello di Amorosa, Calistoga, architecture, Napa outfit, black dress, Fendi, Prada, lookbook, summer style, classic style, chic, fashion editorial

Favorite Quote: I was imaginatively raptured to a century where lords and ladies sat around a table and drank their wine from goblets while drinking in the melodies of minstrels–the setting of a monarch’s dinner after an entertaining joust on the castle grounds while the sun was still in the air. With the notes of 24 different wines warming my throat, from dry to deliciously, sinfully sweet, I was in a dreamland, and it’s not just the wine talking!”

Are there any personal favorites I missed? Tell me your favorite posts from the year in the comments below!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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