On the Talk show: “protests and pandemic, the ‘Dress doctor’s’ diagnosis”

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This weekend is father’s day weekend, but it’s also the weekend of….JUNETEENTH, the holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery in the United States. The past few weeks have been heavy for humankind. In the midst of a pandemic, protests broke out following the tragic death of George Floyd. His final words, “I can’t breathe,” became a cry for justice around the world.

As a storyteller, a journalist, my instinct was to bring someone on my talk show from the black community that could speak to the ongoing issue of racial injustice better than I ever could. That’s why I decided to chat with the pioneer of Fashion Psychology, Dawnn Karen this week on the Instagram LIVE edition talk show, Keeping it Krischic.

In addition to being the founding mother of the fashion psychology field, Karen is the author of one of my latest quarantine reads, “Dress for Your Best Life.” The “Dress Doctor” (a moniker via The New York Times) uses clothes as a medium to truly help the person inside of them. Her book delves deep into style’s effect on the psyche, including cultural implications like identity, the dangers of microaggressions, and cultural appropriation. Watch the full Instagram live above via IGTV!

The Story Behind the Style:

If you read, Dawnn Karen’s book, Dress For Your Best Life, you’ll find a fascinating chapter the about way wearing certain colors can impact your mood. I wanted to set the right tone with my outfit for this conversation while also embodying strength for a heavier dialogue. As Karen writes, green is an equal power color to red, but can “send a less threatening message of strength and prestige.” The forest-evoking hue also “symbolizes stability and trust.” This was the energy I wanted to bring to to the interview. It definitely helps that the frock came in an adorable vintage midi cut with a ’60s neckline (an unintentional head nod to the Civil Rights era, by the way. Perhaps that is just another testament to fashion psychology. The wardrobe decision was in my style subconscious).

If you have a story of resilience or know someone who does, email me at keepingitkrischic@gmail.com or dm me on social media! You can also contact me via email for media inquiries.

Keeping it Krischic, 

Kristin Vartan

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