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Dolly Parton once wrote song about a “coat of many colors.” Well today, I have composed for you an ode to a coat of many patterns. This is my tribute to the patchwork coat, a conversation piece that feels and looks like a bedspread when you put it on but is totally acceptable to strut outside your home.  

This is not your grandmother’s quilting, but it may conjure up such nostalgia. This topper has character, and that’s why it’s taken the social media catwalk by storm this November. During this pandemic, it’s clear that people are looking to surround themselves with creature comforts, and for many style savants that means finding pieces that are equally cozy as they are stylish. Simply put (but it isn’t simple whatsoever), times are tough, and winter isn’t just bleak from the weather. And while it won’t solve all the woes of our world, a coat like this is like an embrace in the form of outerwear while we weather the storm.

I’ve had this piece in my closet for over a year now but for the longest time couldn’t put my finger on how to style it. With some of my pointers, you won’t need to hit a “rough patch” with your patchwork like I did.

Stick to Neutrals:

This coat has every pattern on it under the sun: zig zags, florals, stars, chevron, you name it. That’s why I left it unbuttoned and kept my top and bottoms neutral. A white turtleneck is one of the best bases for any look, especially if your outerwear already makes a statement. In most cases, there’s only room for one attention-seeking garment in an outfit (there are some exceptions). Just because you stick to neutrals though, doesn’t mean every other piece of clothing has to be a bore! This beige knit Calvin Klein skirt picks up on the chevron in the coat while the satin waist belt adds shimmer while still staying muted. The rhinestones on the belt add some extra, but subtle shine.

Create Shape: Depending on the patchwork/quilt coat you choose, it may fit slightly bulky—or plush (because, get it? It’s a quilt?). The next best way to balance out the overwhelming pattern or size is to make sure the rest of your pieces are form-fitting. A skin-tight turtleneck and pencil skirt are just the stuff! Pro-tip for extra warmth: wear a thermal under the turtleneck, and none will be the wiser! Cinching the waist with a belt also adds back the shape to your body you may lose from the coat.

Elongate, Elongate, Elongate:

I folded the band of my textured skirt a couple times so it would fit high waisted and turn into a mini skirt. This trick along with the pointed-toe kitten heels further elongated my already long legs, but what really sealed the deal on this trick? Pantyhose. There’s a reason The Royals wear nylons, and it’s not just because they’re proper and polished. They further tighten up your legs as any workout would and make them appear lengthier. You’re welcome!

What is a statement piece this winter you’re tempted to try, but are unsure how to style? Comment down below and I may just feature it in my next blog post!

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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