blog posts that brought me joy this year – the chic list

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The year 2020 was a difficult for all of us, but in the midst of adversity, I must be grateful: I’m thankful to God for my family, my friends, art and the ability to create. It was to storytelling through writing, music and my love for fashion that I turned to keep busy during the prolonged time at home, or when I needed to find joy and solace during a worldwide health crisis.

My blog has for years been one of those channels of my imagination, and I’m thankful to have it as a place that has documented some of my moments of joy the past year.

Ahead are my top ten blog posts from the year. Keep in mind that some of these took place before the official shutdown in March, and my outings during the pandemic have followed CDC guidelines (mask wearing save for the brief moment I took it off for a photos, social distancing, etc.).

  1. Pasadena City Hall: Why it’s one of my favorite places
Pasadena, Pasadena City Hall, blue dress, mermaid dress, cocktail dress, ruched fabric, ruches dress, see through heels, strappy heels, Lucy Paris, California, fashion blogger, fashion, outfit of the day, lookbook, look of the day, style diary, think positive

Favorite Quote: “In our snazzy shoes Mari and I make our way up the stairs to the tower where you can see the manicured city of Pasadena stretch out before you, the white buildings as it does so appearing like teeth in its smile. The city seems to say, “you are welcome to seek solace here.” The whimsical tune of Nat King Cole’s “Stardust” echoes through my mind as the sun cast its rose-gold light onto the historic buildings. And whenever I face my dragons, I will conjure up this castle in my mind and trust God’s plan.”

2. Gucci Osteria de Massimo Bottura makes the ‘The Chic List’

Gucci Osteria de Massimo Bottura, Gucci, Gucci restaurant, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills City Hall, fashion blogger, luxury lifestyle, Danielle Bernstein, Danielle Bernstein Collection, strappy heels, jacquard, polka dot dress, dress with slits, fashion editorial, Tezza App, outfit of the day, vintage outfit, vintage dress, vintage fashion blogger, puffy sleeves, Los Angeles, LA blogger, lifestyle, restaurant review

Favorite Quote: “After becoming accustomed to the four white walls of my home and now my new apartment during the pandemic, I felt the world open up before me within the pastel Japanese wallpapered and marble walls of the osteria. The ornate mirrors were something right out of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom. To sit in California cool wicker chairs while awaiting our meal was a study in contrasts that somehow worked. And the same goes for Chef Massimo Bottura’s menu, which is a marriage between California and Italian cuisine. You can bet that Mari and I, two fashion-forward foodies, were ready to devour the boutique-sized, but piquant affair!” 

3. In honor of Emily in Paris, here’s our Carrie Bradshaw Dress Recreation

Carrie Bradshaw, newspaper dress, Sex and the City, Sex and the City dress, Emily in Paris, Younger, Peppermayo, black and white dress, fashion blogger, outfit of the day, ootd, twinning, blogger besties, style diary, Lily Collins, Sarah Jessica Parker, SJP, lifestyle blog, fashion, fall fashion, what I wore, outfit inspiration, celebrity inspired fashion, celebrity look for less, Sex and the City fashion

Favorite Quote: “What is it about Darren Star’s storylines that have that sort of, je ne sais quoi? Well, I think I’ve managed to put my finger on it! It’s the allure of leading a creative life in a living and breathing city, in New York or Paris. It’s the fantasy that you can be a columnist, a leader of a trendy publishing imprint or a marketing maven while dripping in Chanel, Manolo Blahniks and Ganni. That on your lunch breaks you have enough time to dine at trendy cafes or French bistros while enjoying a pan du chocolat and discuss your work woes and love life with equally talented, successful, cultured besties.

4. Four 2019 trends here to tay: Shirley Holmes is on the clothing case

Millenium Biltmore, DTLA, Downtown Los Angeles, art deco, Christmas decor, historic, 1920s, roaring twenties, historic hotel

Favorite Quote: “They call me Shirley Holmes, fashion detective (actually they don’t, but I’m manifesting it). I’m always sleuthing to find what’s the latest in fashion so that it’s no mystery to my followers.”

5. How to throw an afternoon tea party at home!

at home together, stop the spread, lookbook, food recipes, loose leaf tea, spring fashion, spring style, family time, afternoon tea, social distancing, Fortnum and Mason, finger sandwiches, tea sandwiches, off-the-shoulder dress, Victorian style dress, tea time, gold jewelry, lace dress, vintage fashion, thrifted, vintage dress, fashion blogger, style blog, lifestyle blogger, COVID19

Favorite quote: “I grinned ear to golden-ornamented ear with red-rosy lips and pulled back my hair in a low bun, Hepburn style. With the exception of house slippers—one stay-at-home adornment I wouldn’t shirk in favor of my fancier threads, I had brought myself out of the pandemic-induced funk of the previous week, a fashionable phoenix rising from the ashes. Despite all entertainment, fashion and sporting events dropping like flies from my calendar, I was dressed for a special occasion indeed—a DIY, afternoon tea at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

6. Dreaming of Chanel in honor of Paris Fashion Week:

Virginie Viard, Chanel, Chanel Haute Couture, Karl Lagerfeld, Paris Fashion Week, PFW, Autumn/Winter 2020, high fashion, runway fashion, runway, fashion blogger, style diary, style blogger, lookbook, fashion editorial

Favorite Quote: “We all have our way of interpreting fashion and making it our own, just as art is constantly reinvented and examined in museums. The cool part is as consumers, we have a chance to be personally involved in that exchange, as all of our bodies are canvases.”

7. A flattering on-camera dress that is still work-appropriate

business casual, work dress, work style, what I wore to work, brown dress, sweetheart neckline, Zara, Uncommon James, gold chain necklace, news reporter, reporter style, reporter life, that news life, outfit of the day, OOTD, fashion blogger, style blogger, vintage dress, red lips, gold hoop earrings, on-camera reporter, style tips

Favorite quote: “I’ve come to find that in wearing looks that are true to who I am, my newsgathering and delivery are way stronger, and my fashion sense sets me apart. I’ll be that young lady on your television (or computer or phone screen) with a lion’s mane, a bold lipstick and some vintage-inspired dress!”

8. American Music Awards virtual red carpet outfit

sheer sleeves, structured dress, red carpet fashion, cocktail dress, evening dress, belted dress, AMAs, American Music Awards, red carpet, vintage dress, vintage fashion, shoulder pads, vintage earrings, golden earrings, indigo dress, blue dress, TV host, entertainment, red carpet look, red carpet,

Favorite Quote: “The American Music Awards are fan-voted, and this indigo dress has been a crowd pleaser for my fellow chicsters since I first introduced it on Instagram. It only seemed appropriate to grace the Zoom screen and our viewers’ televisions with this strong-shouldered showstopper!” 

9. Give me all the toile – the chic list

toile, toile print, French fashion, French Countryside, historical architecture, Pasadena City Hall, Pasadena, sundress, Lucy Paris, puffy sleeves, Emily in Paris, girly dress, fashion photography, fashion blogger, style blogger, style diary, sweetheart neckline, french girl style, vintage style, vintage dress

Favorite Quote: “I love clothing that tells a story. Toile to me is a type of hieroglyphic—the blue clothing dye on this dress depicts pastoral scenes of a French couple in the countryside sitting under a flourishing tree while staring into each other’s eyes. Their expressions are brimming with life, as their romance seems to bloom as beautifully as the foliage they find themselves resting under.”

10. What I wore to the 92nd Oscars red carpet

The Academy Awards, The Academy, The Oscars, Oscars red carpet fashion, The Oscars red carpet, red carpet style, what I wore, about last night, Reformation, Reformation Rey dress, sweetheart neckline, ootn, outfit of the night, sustainable fashion

Favorite Quote: “Is it to presumptuous to say these pre-Oscar snaps deserve to win “Best Picture?” Or for this dress to win “Best Costume Design?” You be the judge of Acada-me.”

Which blog post is your favorite, and why?

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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