How to avoid ruining your new Gucci Skirt

The cover had the words “Gucci” printed on it in a promise. It was fashioned in burlap, the cocoon of a butterfly with interlock-G’ canvas wings. The pattern was a particular branch of logomania: legacy imprint: I’m talking about my new Gucci skirt. At last, after two months of hanging the piece like a prized museum artifact in my closet, it was time to take it out for a spin, a twirl, a street style catwalk.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I am writing this post-binge of Bridgerton season two and HBO’s The Golden Age (if you aren’t watching basically the American version of Downton Abbey, what are you doing?), but I would equate wearing this skirt outside of the house for the first time to that of a debutante, making her seasonal debut. As a pristine and delicate flower, I did not want anything to happen to this skirt whatsoever. As such, I felt like a doting mother, wanting to keep her safe from ill-intentioned suitors, or in this case, an expensive skirt’s worst nightmare: scratches or stains. I cannot be alone in this: when something you possess is a rare novelty, you may become afraid to wear it. The alternative, leaving it in the closet to collect dust is a worser fate, indeed. So, I left my fears at home, and took my skirt out for her first public appearance. I went out with a game plan that may encourage you to take your more expensive pieces out without any harm coming to them:

How to Avoid Stains:

Tapas for dinner with red wine Sangrias? Delicious but perhaps slightly dangerous. Pro-tip: fully encase yourself in a napkin safety net. That means a 360 wrap-around: a napkin on the chair under the skirt, and curving one on top. Also, make sure to scoot in as close to the table as possible, so that the tablecloth can act as an extra layer of protection from any delicious sauce or stain-inducing wine, threatening to spill.

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How to avoid scratches:

It was a special occasion, and I was prepared to get her all dressed up for it: Playing off the chocolate hues of the “G’s on the print, I opted for a chocolately sweater from Elliat. The ribbed crop came with all the trimmings: see-through black lace on the sides, puffy sleeves reminiscent of the medieval period, and a sweetheart neckline. The slit of the skirt was begging for an over-the-knee boot pairing, and the gold-rimmed pearl earrings were the classic adornment for lady-like deportment.

Granted, this was just a day around town with the friend, and not a grand ball, but a girl must treat life like one grand event. Mari and I coordinated our outfits for a photo shoot. We wanted our backdrop to be an architectural marvel in Downtown Bakersfield, so we chose the Masonic temple coated in travertine and a façade crowned with a floral-engraved archway. Let’s not forget grandiose columns that flank a marble-topped double door entrance, all brass and tinted windows. With all its beauty, the photo opportunities were endless, including a stucco balcony, thick enough to sit on and handrails on the staircase. I took care not to lean against anything or to drag my skirt across the sandpaper-like nature of the balcony for these sitting shots.

Gucci, Elliat, Gucci skirt, logomania, designer skirt, Gucci logo, Gucci X Balenciaga, Y2K fashion, early Otts fashion, autumn winter 2022 trends

How to hang the item back in the closet properly:

The phrase, “good habits begin at home” is just as applicable with taking care of your clothes. I immediately put the skirt back into its burlap sleeve and did not ignore the matching canvas logo slips of fabric the hanger came with. The idea is to fold those fabric swatches in half, over the part of the skirt you are going to hang. The samples create a barrier between the pinch of the hanger and the garment so the only imprint are the G’s stamped intentionally throughout. The skirt stays practically brand new. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my mother for taking care of her favorite pieces from the ‘90s and giving them to me to wear. My goal is to take care of beloved items like this too and pass them on to my future daughter someday.

Keeping it Krischic,

Kristin Vartan

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